The Thurber House Collection

The Thurber House Collection and Archives contain unique manuscript material, family letters, scrapbooks, travel mementos, and personal photographs that once belonged to James Thurber and his family.

Among other materials, the collection includes: 
– Thurber's work for the Ohio State University's Scarlet Mask Club. 
– Contributions to the New Yorker
– Oral transcripts and audiotapes that provide accounts of Thurber's life in Columbus, his personality, and other details and observations. 
– Thurber's extensive collection of period sheet music. 
– Photographs and scrapbooks from family vacations

The majority of this collection was donated to Thurber House by Thurber's younger brother, Robert, and Thurber's daughter, Rosemary. Volunteers and friends also made many contributions.

Contact Thurber House at 614-464-1032 or by e-mail at to schedule an appointment to view items from this non-circulating collection. Please allow two weeks for a response to inquiries about the collection.

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