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Thurber House Museum and Thurber Center

Thurber HouseListed on the National Register of Historic places, Thurber House was the home of author, humorist, and New Yorker cartoonist James Thurber and his family when Thurber was a student at The Ohio State University. Thurber House opened in 1984 as a non-profit literary center and museum of Thurber materials.

Thurber House is a living museum. We allow visitors to experience Thurber's life by becoming a guest of the Thurber family. While in the house museum, visitors are invited to sit on the chairs, play a tune on the downstairs piano, see the typewriter that was Thurber's while he was at the New Yorker, and become a part of literary history. (Stories about the time Thurber lived in this house are included in his My Life and Hard Times and The Thurber Carnival.)

Thurber CenterThurber House is furnished in the style of the 1913-1917 period that Thurber lived in the home with his parents, two brothers, and several canine companions. The first two floors are open daily for tours. Next door to Thurber House is the Thurber Center, a contemporary classroom and conference facility. Between the buildings is the Centennial Reading Garden, complete with sculptures of five Thurber dogs, a fountain, and three Central Park benches.

In this section, you'll find more information about Thurber House, the Thurber Country Bookstore, and the Thurber Center. You also can read about our ghostly encounters on the Thurber House Ghost page.