Frequently Asked Questions About Thurber House Ticket Orders

Are there any fees associated with ordering tickets?
There is a $1.50 processing fee per transaction for every ticket order made with a credit card, including online orders, phone orders, and in-person orders (including tickets bought at the door at an event). Tickets may be purchased with cash or check with no processing fees.

Will my tickets be mailed to me?
All tickets will be mailed to the shipping address provided during the order, unless your order is placed a week or less prior to the first event in your order. In these cases, your tickets will be placed in Will Call under your name for pick up at your first event. Sometimes, we may also hold tickets purchased eight days before the event. This is to ensure that you receive them on time.

What is the age to qualify for senior tickets?
Some (not all) events have special pricing for seniors. Please see the individual event ticket page to see if a senior rate is available. You qualify for the senior rate at 65 years old.

Where is [insert event] being held?
Please check your ticket and/or the individual event page on our website for the event location. Evenings with Authors are typically held at the Columbus Museum of Art, 480 E. Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215. In the event of inclement weather during our outdoor event season, please check the website front page for the rain site. To double check where any event is being held, please call 614-464-1032 x11.

Where should I park?
For events held at Thurber House or Thurber Center: Parking on Jefferson Avenue is metered. The lots behind Thurber House and at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Long Street are free.

For events held at the Columbus Museum of Art, please click here.

For all other locations, please call 614-464-1032 x15.

How does the Author's Table Dinner work?
The Author's Table Dinner is a chance to meet an author and discuss his or her work in a more intimate setting. All ticket holders will enjoy a delicious catered meal and receive reserved seating at the event. Many, but not all, Evenings with Authors events are paired with an Author's Table Dinner.

Author's Table Dinners are typically held at 6:00 pm at Thurber Center, 91 Jefferson Avenue, Columbus, OH 43215, during the Evenings with Authors series. To inquire about the Author's Table Dinner schedule or to purchase a ticket, please call 614-464-1032 x11.

Are all tickets non-refundable?
Yes, all tickets are non-refundable.

Please call 614-464-1032 x15 with any additional questions.